Cilantro Chutney

we ate desi food often growing up and it was almost sacrilegious for my mom to make pakora or samosa without making this chutney. it’s delicious and can be modified to to accompany a wide array of dishes and palettes (unless, of course, you’re one of those pitiful people who have a genomic trait or … More Cilantro Chutney

Knafeh Cheesecake

tabla roll: knafeh cheesecake. your worlds are colliding right now, am i right? two of the greatest desserts: knafeh and New York cheesecake come together to make this beaut. it’s east meets west (and all other orientalized fantasies (what am i becoming?))–a layer of knafeh replaces the graham cracker crust for this New York cheesecake, … More Knafeh Cheesecake

Djaj Mhamer

exactly a year ago today, i trekked out to east elmhurst, queens to meet a friend of mine, Koutar, so she could teach me how to make one of her favorite dishes: djaj mhamer. little did i know, a few months later, i would be traveling through morocco with her, trying different variations of this … More Djaj Mhamer

Butter Chicken

 butter chicken is as good as it gets. in undergrad, i made the healthy choice of biking to and from school, but would often make an unhealthy, but very delicious, detour on my way home to mashallah sweets. i was there so often, the staff would often try to guess whether i was ordering muli … More Butter Chicken


 koshari is egypt’s national dish. it’s a cheap eat and in cairo, you’ll often find it being served up at street stands, hole-in-the-walls, restaurants and basically everywhere. it’s carb on carb goodness that reminds you of your mother’s cooking…even if, like me, your non-egyptian mother never really made it.