Hi, I’m Hind. I’m an Egyptian/American grad student living in Brooklyn, who loves to cook and take pictures of her food. I’m obsessed with all things food and look forward to the blurbs and anecdotes in cookbooks and food blogs. When cooking, I usually modify and build on multiple recipes; I’ll be using this space to save and share my favorite recipes as I come across or create them. I like reading and DIY projects and wish I could spend my days planning themed dinner parties.

Book of Dishes, or  كتاب الطبيخ, borrows its name from the 10th century, first of its kind, Middle Eastern cookbook of the same name. I like cooking Middle Eastern, South Asian and South East Asian cuisine, so get ready for it!


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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your concept and idea Hind well done!
    Can I share some of my Bahraini recipes? I would love to see how you put your twist on them and would love to know you’ve tried them!


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