Arabi Sweethearts


!عيد حب سعيد

arabic is an incredibly romantic language and as can be imagined, a lot gets lost in translation.

when I was dating my now-husband, he would often try to swoon me with his lebanese dialect, narrating love poems and lyrics, but all to no avail. although I had been learning arabic formally in school for close to ten years at the time, I was also at the rebellious, indifferent phase of my teens. his love notes, sadly, were often met with a pathetic “aw, okay, now what’s that mean?”

they say culture is preserved through language and food and it’s taken time for me to appreciate either, but i suppose this blog will serve as a form of redemptive self-education.


these cookies are my take on the iconic sweethearts that make their debut on v-day every year, but sadly have gelatin in them. I did find this tutorial on how to make sweethearts, but I’m a broke grad student with neither money nor time, so maybe next time around? also, possibly an unpopular opinion, but i’m not particularly fond of them. Use an edible color marker for easy writing, though you could use frosting if you find that more convenient. i bought mine from Michaels, but know that NY Cake and other baking supply stores have them, too.

click this link for the best sugar cookie recipe, ever. i have been using this recipe for a while now and they always come out perfect. add extracts or even spices, as you like. i tend to stick with a vanilla base and instead add my flavors to the frostings. these cookies hold their shape and last for days!

sugar cookie glaze
2 cup confectioners sugar
4-5 tbsp liquid*
food coloring of choice

by liquid, i suggest using milk, juices, steeped teas/coffee, etc. if using extracts for flavors, combine with milk or your liquid of choice (i would recommend 1/2 tbsp extract and 4 tbsp liquid). if you find that your glaze is not hardening, add more confectioners sugar to the bowl and mix thoroughly.


follow the sugar cookie recipe religiously! pro tip: adjust the recipe to your preferred serving size (make sure to overestimate, to be on the safe side, though). i generally make two dozen. the raw cookie dough can be kept in the refrigerator or freezer and does hold well, in my experience. after making the cookies, let them cool before handling. prepare the frosting. mix confectioners sugar and liquid

if making multiple flavors/colors, use separate bowls. when ready, put a enough frosting to cover the top of the cookie. i generally double-frost my cookies, so if doing so, allow to dry fully before attempting a second frosting coat. do not refrigerate, but keep in a sealed container. enjoy!




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